Welcome! Thank you for your interest in making MI-EL Christian School your ally in the education and the formation of your child. We are an ACSI accredited school. Our institution has provided during the last 15 years of experience an education based on biblical principles.


For a candidate to be considered for admission to MI-EL, the following are required:
The family or one of the parents must be an active member of a Christian congregation, able to present a pastoral reference letter. In cases of applications from Preschool to 3rd grade, you can deposit a reference letter from a school family or staff.

For applications from Nido to Kinder the student should count the corresponding age of each course by the date August 28th.

Starting in 2nd grade, a certain level of English is required for the students. This will be evaluated on the day of the Admissions exam.

Students coming from abroad must deposit copies of the Apostille Grade Record from the country of origin, and all documentation must be translated into Spanish.

The original Grade Record must be submitted to the Validation Department of the Education Ministry of the Dominican Republic, requesting authorization to register at MI-EL Christian School. Students from 10th grade on should present the 8th grade diploma and records from 9th grade on.

The following steps will guide you through the application process.

Turn in the following documents to the Admissions Office:
Admission Application Form completed and signed.
Student’s Development Record Card
A copy of Grade Records from previous and current grade
Conduct Letter from previous school/institution

Reference Letter of payment from previous school/institution
Pastoral Reference Letter
Receipt for RD$2,000 for the Admission Exam (nonrefundable)

The Admission Exam will only be given to the students who have turned in all of the above-listed documents. On the day of the Admission Test, the student should bring a snack. Within 10 days after the test, a written communication will be sent out with the information about the admission test results.

Upon admission, there will be an interview with the school principal. It is essential that both parents are present.

The registration phase should be completed within 10 working days (at the most), which will be counted after the interview with the school principal. During this time the school will reserve the student’s space and award a 5% discount on the registration fee. After this period of time, the school may assign this space to another applicant and will apply the regular registration fee.

At the end of the registration process, the following documents should be presented to Admissions:
Original Birth Certificate for school purposes. Students in 8th and 12th grade should also deposit a second original birth certificate required by the Ministry of Education for the National Exams
Two (2) recent 2×2 photos
Photocopy of identity and electoral cédula or Passport (if foreigner) for both parents

Copy of Vaccination Records
Medical Certificate.
Ophthalmologist Certificate for students from preschool, 1st, 4th, 7th, and 9th.
Parent Commitment Form signed
Signed Student Code of Honor form (from 2nd grade on)
Enrollment agreement signed
Image Publishing authorization signed
Once the documents are received and payments done the Register’s office will proceed with the admission of the student(s). Payments accepted:  Cash, Money wire, direct deposit, Credit Card, and Certified Checks.

Other required documents:
Final grades from the previous school should be presented by August 10th, at the latest.
Students from 9th grade on should present National Exams from 8th grade.

Students from 10th-12th grade should present an Education Certificate (Grade Records) signed by the previous school and School District by August 10th, at the latest.


  • MI-EL Christian School reserves the right of admission.
  • The Registration process will be finalized upon the completion of the corresponding payment.
  • The Registration fee is nonrefundable.

For more information and to schedule a school tour, please contact,
Ismary Frías
Admission & Communications Coordinator
809-476-9346 ext. 227

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